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I am a proud member of PSI which provides up to date continuing education on pet behavior, pet nutrition, and general pet health.


Family owned and operated, you will never have to worry about outsourcing your pets to strangers in the area. I myself, will meet with you for a FREE consultation to discuss your pets specific needs and requirements.

My name is Rene’ and I give my personal guarantee that your fur baby will be treated as a personal family member and they will have the upmost care you are looking for.

Thousands of pets are dropped off at shelters every year or given up for adoption due unforseen circumstances that keep us away from home for too long. What if we could change those statistics?

As a mulitple pet owner, I realize the importance of having human companionship for our animals. After moving to Mills River, I realized there was a need for “In YOUR home pet sitting services” in the area. I will provide everything required for your pet to stay happy and healthy in your absence.


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My goal is to reduce the statistics of rehoming pets by having a pet sitter like myself come to your home on a daily basis to give your pet a mid-day visit where I will play, feed, walk, and love them. I am also available for visits while you are away on vacation or business.

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Having 20+ years personal experience and passion for animals, I knew this is what GOD was calling me to do. Learn more ABOUT ME